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Captivating 16 million colours
Choose from a tremendous range of 16 million colours


Brighter Display
The Mi Bedside Lamp 2 features a unique design in moulding and heat runner, which provide smooth and evenly-distributed lighting covering the entire lamp. Mi Bedside Lamp 2 is perfect for your room for everyday use, and can also be customized for special occasions.


Adjustable Brightness
The brightness of the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 is ideal for the bedroom set. The lamp can achieve a maximum brightness of 400lm, enough to light up every corner of your room. You can also set the lamp as low as 2lm, dim enough to sleep with it on.


Wake up with Sunrise
The Mi Bedside Lamp 2 can be set to turn on in the morning and will gradually get brighter to gently wake you up.


Sleep with Night Light
The lamp has a night mode that can be set as dim as 2lm. The night mode is dim enough for you to sleep it on, but bright enough for you to see in the dark. The lamp also has a delayed power off feature, automatically turning off so that you do not have to worry if you fell asleep.


Elegant Style
The lamp has a minimalist design that is sleek and is compatible with any style. With adjustable colour, colour temperature, and brightness, it can be customized to fit into any home.


Smart Control
Connect the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 with Apple HomeKit or MiHome App for effortless remote control or voice control. The lamp can also be customized to connect with other smart devices.​​​​​​


Delivery and Warranty
Mi Beside Lamp 2 come with 1 year local warranty. Price excludes delivery. Free delivery for orders more than $200.

Mi Bedside Lamp 2

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