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1) Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition
The facial recognition technology uses a three-dimensional (3D) structured light that covers the entire face through tens of thousands of recognition points with millimeter-level accuracy. It captures 3D dynamic information of the face by extracting facial features and bone structure to build a 3D face model. Enjoy the luxury of a contactless lock. 


5 access methods 
Facial, Fingerprint, PIN code, CPU Card, Mechanical Key


Sensitive smart wake-up 
Automatic and swift detection within one meter


Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor 
World’s leading biometric sensor, accurate and secured


CPU dynamic encryption card
Highly secured and copy prevention


Integrated parabolic design
7.6 degree curved surface design fits the palm well and brings the thrill of a quick unlocking


Inside handle with built-in sensor
Automatically detects grip on the handle to unlock the door from inside


Automated lock body
Quick response when opening and auto-lock when door is closed


Lithium battery
Larger capacity for longer battery life


Maximum User Capacity

  • Facial – 20 Faces
  • Fingerprint – 100 Fingerprints
  • PIN Code – 1 Master, 6 Users, 4 OTP
  • CPU Card – 2 Cards provided, register up to 100 Cards
  • Mechanical Keys – 2 Keys provided


Zinc Alloy


Power Supply

  • Lithium Battery, 5000mA/h
  • Full Charge, ~4hr
  • Last about 4 – 6 months
  • Micro USB included


Emergency Power supply

Micro USB port (5V Power Bank)


2) Gate Lock
Coming in at just 1.3cm thick, it is a surprise how something so slim can still secure your metal gate. Equipped with the latest FPC fingerprint sensor, sensitive touchpad screen and RFID accesses, unlocking your metal gate when coming home has never been easier. Without any metal box covering, the Kaadas R6G can easily fit onto most metal gates in Singapore, and it can also be unlocked with both remote control or physical keys.



  • User-friendly access: Various access methods depending on your lifestyle - Fingerprint/ PIN code / RFID/ Remote control/ Manual key/ Bluetooth
  • Sensitive Touchpad screen: With the wide touch screen, not only does the design becomes more stylish, the detection rate has greatly improved
  • Automatic locking: Eliminates the need to re-check door lock when you go out. Feels at ease when you go out and keep your home safe
  • Auto polling: RFID is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button
  • Easy Installation: DIY design is applied for easy installation
  • Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor: Provides accurate and swift recognition with speed of less than 1 second
  • Fake PIN code feature: Random numbers added before and after the real user password prevents exposing of the user password, thereby providing more protection for real password
  • Voice & Mute Mode Switch: Mute mode is available, bringing peaceful door-opening experience
  • Power bank back-up: When batteries are discharged, put a 5V power bank to back-up power



Both locks come with 2 years warranty.

Kaadas Legend K30 3D Face Recognition + Gate Lock Bundle

$2,028.00 Regular Price
$1,829.00Sale Price
Tax Included
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