Kaadas was born in Germany which is famous for its rigorous and precise manufacturing. From the beginning, Kaadas insisted on researching and developing smart lock products, encompassing qualities such as easy to use and safe while maintaining a stylish appearance. Therefore, Kaadas invited Germany BMW senior designer (Georg Allmendinger) as the official Chief Design Consultant at Kaadas’s global R&D centre.

From then on, Kaadas K7 digital lock has inherited the essence of BMW Automobile and became synonymous with rigorous, precise, stylish, safe and reliable design. Kaadas has since emerged to be one of the leading representatives in modern smart lock brands today. Kaadas K7 digital lock is truly the most secure and best quality digital door lock by far in the market!


Key Features

  • Fingerprint, RFID, pin access
  • Digital touch keypad with fake password
  • Silent mode for quiet night outing
  • Emergency external battery terminal (Micro USB port)
  • Emergency mechanical bypass key
  • Privacy mode
  • Safe handle
  • Low battery alarm


Core Advantages

  • Designed by the chief designer of BMW (Georg Allmendinger)
  • Unique push & pull lock with FPC fingerprint sensor
  • Patent structure, usable for all opening directions
  • Zinc alloy panel, stronger and more durable
  • 5A level tempered glass keypad with high sensitivity similar to smartphone screens
  • Fake pin code function
  • Stainless steel lock body, anti-rust and durable
  • Nano electro-plating technology


Technical Information

Material Zinc alloy
Dimension(mm) L400 * 80 * 65mm
Used for HDB/ Condominium/ Executive Condominium /Landed Property
Voice guide language Chinese, English(default)
LED display Have
Applicative Door Wooden door
Applicative Door Thickness 38-60mm, 60-90mm, 90-120mm
Colour Silver
Type of lock body Automatic
Unlocking way Fingerprint/ RFID/ Password/ Key
Master Password 1
User Password 10
Password length 6-12 digits
Type of card RFID, Mifare, IC, S50, S70
Card capacity 100
Type of FPG Semi-conductor
Identification time <0.5 sec
Fingerprints Capacity 100
Double Locking mode Automatic
Power Supply DC 6V 4 AA Battery
Emergency power supply Micro USB port
Battery life 12 months (depends on usage)
Mechanical cylinder & key Have
Working temperature -20℃ to 55℃
Working humidity 15% - 90% RH
Lock case D-7260/ D-7270
Anti-panic Yes
Open direction Universal

Kaadas K7 Digital Lock

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