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Passive infrared motion (PIR) sensor

The built-in PIR sensor detects any movement within a 3-meter range, triggering photo or video which allows you to identify strangers loitering in front of your house promptly.


Extended battery life

Equipped with a powerful 10,000 mAh lithium battery, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


Expanded storage capacity

With 8GB of internal memory and support for up to a 512GB Micro SD Card, you can store a substantial amount of photo and video footage.


Wide-angle high-definition camera

The camera boasts a 190-degree wide-angle fisheye lens with a 1080P camera, enabling you to capture a broader view of the surroundings with exceptional clarity. Viewing is adjustable when it’s zoom-in.


Enhanced display

The 7” (1280 x 720) screen provides superior clear resolution, offering a crisp and detailed visual experience. The internal camera boasts a 5.0 Megapixel.


Photo and video recording

Capture both photos and videos effortlessly, allowing you to document any suspicious activity.


Night vision capability

This device works well in low-light conditions, providing excellent night vision for reliable surveillance even in the dark.


Two-way communication

The built-in speaker and microphone enable two-way communication, allowing you to interact with visitors remotely, providing an added layer of security and convenience.


Live video intercom

Experience real-time video monitoring for a two-way intercom feature, allowing you to see and communicate with individuals outside your house timely.






Champagne Gold


Eques Door Viewer Veiu Max

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