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German Quality

Kaadas locks underwent rigours testing that was conducted in state of the art testing centres. Based on German's high-quality standard, only the best quality lock is made available to you.

Fingerprint Sensor from Sweden

Latest bio-metric FPC sensor from Sweden that identifies your fingerprint within 0.5sec

Patented High-Secured Lock Body 

With its anti-sawing, anti-hacking and anti-hit properties, Kaadas lock is suitable for providing the maximum security to your home.

Sensitive Touchpad

Stylish and high-sensitivity glass touch keypad prevent illegal duplication of fingerprints

Anti-spy Protection

Unique intelligent encryption system allows the use of mix password to prevent illegal entry. You can unlock your door even after providing random numbers before and after the correct password.

Remotely Operated

Wireless remote control instantly open the lock

Coming soon
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